One of 10, the Best Dining on TV show is broadcasted with the warmest mother’s taste. 3 Generations keep it on today. Here we are, welcoming you to East Osaka gateway to NARA, Being Local hospitality, and we can arrange your taste at our dining everyday, right away, flexible, reasonable, and your Valuable. At your home Dining, Matahei Restaurant in East Osaka….Come on in


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Night Front View


Welcome to MATAHEI Resturant


Tempura @ Y80~ : House Made Pickles
Miso Pork soup Y150
Roast Egg cake Y250
Noodle Y250~ : Ramen Y350

Rice Omelet Y500(Soup on Serv)

EBI Tempura Bowl Y650

EGG Pork Cutlet Bowl Y650
Each Rice Bowl incl.Pickles & Miso Soup

Business hours(Except SUNday & Public Holiday) 
    11:00AM~2:00PM と 5:00PM~

TAKE OUT SERVICE, Reservation & Pre-Order Tempura
at Dinner  Full order Tempura set Available

TEL(06)-6721-9375   Only 15 Min. from OSA-Namba
Only 5 Min. at Yaenosato Station
Address 5-2-19 Nakakosaka Higashi-OSAKA

[check]Call TAXI FOR Nakakosaka Junction


SEATs Hall in 14pax Japanese room15pax! Call us ・・

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