One of 10, the Best Dining on TV show is broadcasted with the warmest mother’s taste. 3 Generations keep it on today. Here we are, welcoming you to East Osaka gateway to NARA, Being Local hospitality, and we can arrange your taste at our dining everyday, right away, flexible, reasonable, and your Valuable. At your home Dining, Matahei Restaurant in East Osaka….Come on in


In Memoriam




Once upon a time, the 2 world War Over, Burnt END of City, My Grand Papa YOSHIMATSU open a Guest House at a heat of Osaka City North, he inspired Brand name MATAHEI as his War Mate.

Many Guests are US Military personnel, Accommodations and dining was required extremely hot & desired, we hired many isolated women with a fear face to start working assistance,

Guests & Hosts, were War Victims, we served each guest with top quality smiles! Everything has being started from Zero for Living, and buildup society quickly....

Group Family Photo

Launching new age

After Ground Zero,The guest house made a Landmark of Entertainment place. YOSHIMATSU and his wife OTONO have created a difficulty following new wave from time to time.

Family matter is also one cause of changing. The first Son YOSHINOBU left young brother HIROSHI and his family, to make them remain the guest house management till sometimes, YOSHINOBU moved his family to the East Osaka 1967,

Here we are!!

His wife HIROKO start open a corner Hawker’s shop of a small family business with same brand shop name, her punch-line was Hang in there!! TEMPURA for family tight relation, MATAHEI TEMPURA…so called tempura powder can be covered the warmest family life in one piece forever!!

Res.View 1965
Matahei Res Front View 1965


1970-1985, Osaka economic comes rapid up high growth ever known before, Construction brought new age and daily development, MATAHEI organized a tiny & a cute home Dining Restaurant. Time after time, people work harder in days and nights. MATAHEI Restaurant cooks and serves, no longer TEMPURA only.

Lunch and Diner with Japanese Cocktails, Snacks, customer choice… Everybody, had in ecstasy, blindness to the bubble economy down like as a roller coaster,…when YOSHINOBU pass away, the legacy followed by HIROKO and her children. Hang in there!!

Hiroko front of MATAHEI Res.1965

Hang in there

MATAHEI Restaurant has rewarded with the cleanness restaurant and hygienic in operation by Osaka Governor in 1993, and following other two more awards from Consumer Affairs Agency. Our treasure is in today that we have learned from Times and Customers, TEMPURA taste never change, Mom s working on dinning never stop daily scent at home.

Our VIP, we always welcoming wakening customer back after 30 more years to sweet home.

"Magic Res."HAPPO MTV2015

Our Feature

Jan 2014 and 2015, we received a common gift, our Restaurant has broadcasted by Local TV show never we had before. TV show introduced us what we are from public eyes. We are here such long way without secret recipe, no special ingredients.

Our Menu is common & simple known by Japanese home. But Magic made our VIP satisfaction. We brought Culture and History, comfortable and convenience touch, flexible freedom, reflex action, and fresh seasonality, never kept behind renovation!


MATAHEI Restaurant is always welcoming you, at your best Dining nearby, like as your home.

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